What could legal “Private Dagga” mean for daggafarians?

If the 11 judges dismiss the State’s appeal in the proceedings the judgment legalising the private cultivation, possession and use of dagga must be upheld and the Drug & Trafficking Act of 1992 must be amended.

The commercialization and industrialization of dagga will remain mostly illegal and inaccessible to the average person. None the less a ruling in favor of #PrivateDagga will be a victory in the #DaggaRevolution as you would now have the right to grow, possess and use dagga in your private capacity.

This victory would break down the stigma. It’s now OK to be #daggafari. We are no longer seen as criminals in the eyes of the law and even employer health policies must make accommodations because no longer could you be fired for merely testing #DaggaPositive.

The minister of police would have to issue an immediate mandate to all their departments notifying them that they may no longer affect the arrest of #daggafarians who grow, posses or use dagga in their private capacity.

Some of the technicalities must still be smoked out. Where will you be allowed to grow, use and posses dagga? The current assumption is that your privacy is only limited to your home however this is untrue. An example of this is when you are in public the contents of your pockets are also private without a search warrant, so is your vehicle. On privately owned property your #DaggaRights will also be protected, that is if the owner of the property does not mind the smell of dagga and leaves you standing with a lit joint on the pavement after calling the police. 😀

You would lawfully be allowed to grow, transport and use dagga in any private space without fear of persecution as long as you do not commercialise and monetise it.

Only when the Drug & Trafficking Act is changed would we be able to say with certainty how victorious we were on this day (07/11/2017).


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