The 420 World Clock

It’s always 420 somewhere! So Celebrate the International Cannabis Community with Dagga Magazine’s 420 World Clock.

Cannabis culture is an international phenomenon, with thousands of people around the world celebrating the plant and its many uses. Now, thanks to Dagga Magazine’s new 420 World Clock, cannabis connoisseurs can join together in a global celebration of the plant.

The 420 World Clock shows the exact times in each part of the world when it is 16:20, or 4:20 pm, in each region, allowing cannabis enthusiasts to celebrate and join together in their appreciation of the plant. Whether you’re located in South Africa, the United States, or anywhere else, you can see exactly when it’s time to light up and enjoy the plant with fellow enthusiasts.

The clock also takes into account any VPNs you may be using, so you can be sure to get the time for the exact region you’re located in. And if something should fail, the clock will still show the time in the default local South African time.

So remember, if it’s 4:20 in one part of the world, it’s 4:20 in all parts of the world. Celebrate the international cannabis community with Dagga Magazine’s 420 World Clock and join the worldwide celebration of this herb.

420 World Clock

It's 420 at the following locations in your local time zone: America/New_York.

420 CityYour Time
Anadyr, Asia00:20
Kamchatka, Asia00:20
McMurdo, Antarctica00:20
Auckland, Pacific00:20
Fiji, Pacific00:20
Funafuti, Pacific00:20
Kwajalein, Pacific00:20
Majuro, Pacific00:20
Nauru, Pacific00:20
Tarawa, Pacific00:20
Wake, Pacific00:20
Wallis, Pacific00:20

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