Stoner Tools

Everyday apps and tools for daggafarians.

Random Stoner Movie Picker

Dagga Magazine’s Random Stoner Movie Picker is a great tool for stoners looking for something to watch! This amazing tool gives you access to Dagga Magazine’s biggest list of the best stoner movies ever on IMDb. Simply select the random movie picker and you’ll be given a random movie from the list. Who knows what movie you’ll get? Whether you’re looking for something classic, new, or just something funny, this tool offers a wide selection of stoner movies that you’re sure to enjoy.

The 420 World Clock

Dagga Magazine’s 420 World Clock is the perfect tool to keep track of what time it is 420 around the world. With this dope tool, you can check where it is 420 relative to your local time zone. Celebrate cannabis with Dagga Magazine’s 420 World Clock and find out where in the world it is 4:20!

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