59 Victims Claim R12m Against Riversdale Police

Riversdale – The department deny accusations that they are guilty of searching and arresting community members without probable cause.

This comes after it was reported that 59 community members have made civil claims to a total of R12 million in the Northern Gauteng High Court against the Riversdale Police Department.

All the cases are being handled by Hennie Erwee who have lodged the claims on behalf of the community members.

Warrant Officer Winston Coetzee confirmed that a case has been opened against the department by the community members. Coetzee said “The community members falsifies information and presents fake documentation to the media.”

“Alcohol and drugs are the main reason for violence and we take firm action against offenders” Coetzee added.

Captain Desmond Julies said “Riversdale Police Department regularly lock up suspects. The suspects who made the claims have been held in custody for drugs. Some of them were arrested for possession, while others were arrested for dealing. We have sent the drugs to the forensics laboratory for testing and have released the suspects.”

Riversdale is well known for it’s Rastafarian community.

Stephan Lamprecht of the local policing forum said “The police are doing an excellent job at making the community safe”

Source: Die Burger Dec 2013

2 thoughts on “59 Victims Claim R12m Against Riversdale Police”

  1. Regrets, there is NO way to prove that those arrested did not have the daga in their possession!
    The police are certainty biased, as they have to do something to prove that they are worth their pay! this leads to official warnings.
    Then there is promotion! In order to be promoted, one of the things that a police person can do is to make arrests, and follow through to give evidence, and obtain convictions.
    Promotion is where the money is,

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