Post-Apartheid Struggle: Hemp Housing Save The Homeless

Tony Budden from Hemporium SA presented a strong case for industrial hemp in South Africa to the Department of Human Settlements in parliament last week

Tony says industrial hemp can revoluntionise South Africa. “Hemp is the clean, alternative & sustainable source of materials”

He acknowledged the legalisation movement towards medicinal cannabis but said his organisation highlights the industrial uses of the plant.

In 2011 Tony Budden was featured on Top Billing for building the first hemp house in South Africa for only R50 000. We can build five hemp houses at the cost of arresting & convicting a single person for dagga in South Africa.

Bag of tricks

Tony did not come empty handed. He brought samples of hemp building materials to show government officials that hemp housing is not just another pipe dream, but a real solution to upgrade informal settlements into flourishing suburbs.

Tony also said that currently the only people making money from hemp is the researchers and that it’s time for government to open up the hemp industry to the benefit of all South Africans.

We need to change the laws around this beautiful plant. We need to #LetMyPeopleGrow – Tony Budden

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