Rolling Paper Review – RAWling Away The Victor

18 Rolling Papers, 2 Judges and 5 deciding factors. Who will roll away the victor? The fans have voted. The results are in.

The judges decisions were based on flavour, the occurrence of runs or the need to re-light, presentation of the jay and packaging, durability and “handling” of the paper and lastly how well the rolling paper presented on the macro-photography close-ups. Votes by the fans on Facebook also influenced the finalists of the rolling paper review.

The Victors

1st – RAW – Earthy flavour & looks great under magnification
2nd – OCB Organic – Smooth
3rd – Juicy Jay Raspberry – Cute
Runner-up – Pure Hemp Unbleached

Dagga Magazine Rolling Paper Review – Winners


Best Flavour

1st – Little Amsterdam Transparent – Roach taste great, an entertainer
2nd – RAW
3rd – Pure Hemp Unbleached
Runner-up – Pure Hemp Bleached

Dagga Magazine Rolling Paper Review – Best Flavour


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