SABC Newsroom #DaggaDebate

The only South African #DaggaDebate featured on a main-stream news station. Eben Jansen interviews William Wallace from Below The Lion, Jules & Myrtle from the Dagga Couple, Andre du Plessis from SANCWG, Jeremy Acton from the Dagga Party, the IFP, EFF and the DA.

Many of the older videos start at 4:20 – The most entertaining interview, by far, is the the one featuring William Wallace. Enjoy.

12 – #DaggaDebate with Myrtle Clarke

11 – #DaggaDebate with registered ethno-medical practitioner S Loxton

10 – #DaggaDebate with Prof JP van Niekerk

Prof JP van Niekerk joins Eben Jansen in the #DaggaDebate “Dagga laws are not based on scientific merit, SA is heading in wrong direction regarding MMJ”

9 – #DaggaDebate with Andre du Plessis

After The Medical Innovation Bill was put forward by the late IFP Member of Parliament, Mario Oriani-Ambrosini earlier this year, we here at Newsroom have spoken extensively about the pro’s and cons, implications and benefits of decriminalising Marijuana IN what is now known as the Dagga Debate. Today we take a closer look at the Bill and talk about WHY some are saying Ambrosini’s Innovation Bill is potentially the worst bill created for legalising cannabis. To do so,we are joined today in Durban by Andre du Plessis from the Cannabis Working Group.

8 – #DaggaDebate with Quentin Ferreira

7 – #DaggaDebate the EFF

6 – #DaggaDebate with the DA

5 – #DaggaDebate with the IFP

4 – #DaggaDebate with Jeremy David Acton from the Dagga Party of South Africa

3 – #DaggaDebate with Andre du Plessis from the South African National Cannabis Work Group

2 – #DaggaDebate with Jules & Myrtle from the Dagga Couple & Fields of Green For All

1 – #DaggaDebate with William Wallace from Below The Lion

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