Letter from Entrepreneur Larry Ngcobo

To whom it may concern.

My name is Larry Ngcobo from Durban, recently I decided to start
a new street wear brand (Mary Jane Good Times)
which will be clothing brand dedicated to
addressing the identity and aspirations of today’s youth by creating
classic and timeless clothing lines that resonate with the South African stoner
culture.The brand mission is to continuously disprove negative stereotypes
about cannabis and its users.

I ‘m currently working on getting my samples done for t-shirts
which I plan to sell to my customer base, the prices will range from
R200 to R270 delivery exclusive. Since I don’t have enough capital on hand
I plan on taking orders and once a deposit is made by a customer I’ll then get the
desired product manufactured and delivered to the customer.
I decided to write this email because I hoping I could interest you
in liking my Facebook (www.facebook.com/MaryJaneGoodTimes) page and
sharing it to help me reach as many people within my customer base as I can.

Thank you for taking the time to read through this email.

Kind regards

Editor’s reply

Hi Larry

I am posting your letter on magazine.dagga.za.net as well as sending a tweet and posting it on our Facebook page.

Best of luck, keep us posted.


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