Two Men Caught Trying To Throw Dagga Over Prison Wall

Goodwood Correctional Services, in Cape Town, have lost count of how many times people have tried to throw dagga over the prison wall.

Early on Monday morning two men, aged 27 and 40, were arrested after they were noticed on live CCTV feed trying to throw three bottles full of dagga and 8 arms of dagga in a black plastic over the prison wall.

Police spokesperson, Warrant Officer Wayne Theunis said the prison staff noticed movement on the security footage at about 01:30 in the morning “Upon investigation, they found the two” Theunis said.

According to Theunis the two men both have served time in Goodwood prison previously.

In September a prisoner was found with a large amount of dagga found after doing maintenance work with a staff member of the correctional facility.

Jo-ann Christians, communications manager at the Goodwood prison, confirmed the incident. “The suspects were caught red-handed just before they could throw the unauthorized items over the prison wall. The incident was prevented by alert officials, the latest CCTV technology and the support of the South African Police” she said.

“These types of incidents are not isolated, because people from the community are constantly trying to throw unauthorized items on the wall even with the intensive security measures, however we have control of the situation.” Christians added.

She also stated that they do not know who the recipient of the dagga was, but an investigation is underway.

TygerBurger – Dagga weer oor goodwood gevangenis se muur gegooi

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