Cancer Patient Arrested For Growing Medical Dagga

A woman battling her 5th bout with cancer has been arrested & her medical dagga confiscated by the PE flying squad.

PORT ELIZABETH – On the 15th of November the PE Flying squad, for a second time this year, raided the home of husband & wife, Darryn & Tonya Thomas.

The couple, who are both qualified natural healers and medical dagga care-givers, were first raided at their home in January earlier this year, where police arrested Darryn for possession of dagga and confiscated 93 dagga plants as well as 400 grams of medical grade dagga.

A care-giver, in the medical marijuana business, is a person who grows medical dagga for patients who otherwise cannot grow it themselves. Care-givers do not grow dagga for profit. According to the medical dagga couple they do not sell the dagga. They provide medical dagga to their patients free of charge.


The police, who knew well that the couple does not sell dagga, waited long enough for the couple to grow more medical dagga before raiding their home a second time.

On the 15th of November police arrested Tonya for possession of dagga and confiscated a large number of dagga pants.

Tonya, who is also a medical dagga patient, is battling her fifth bout with cancer and is at a very critical stage of treatment which if unsuccessful may turn into a more aggressive form of lymphoma.

According to the police officers the dagga plants were not pulled because they have to be sent away for “testing”.

To add to the suspicious behaviour of the police, the only growing equipment confiscated were light reflectors. The growing lamps and ballast were left behind as if to license the couple to grow more dagga for the police to confiscate, without a thought being afforded to the patients who rely on a quality supply of medical dagga, nor is any consideration given to the health and well being of the woman risking her livelihood to assist her patients and herself.

To add insult to injury mainstream news did not report on the injustice towards medical dagga patients, instead one of the officers boasted by uploading a photo of the dagga plants, as they stand in a line-up growing taller by the day at the police office, to social media.

As the post appeared on officer Ryno te Brugge's Facebook page

Below is an article of the first bust as it appeared in The Herald in January 2014


Source: Darryn Thomas
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2 thoughts on “Cancer Patient Arrested For Growing Medical Dagga”

  1. I can’t believe the cheek of these pig cops. They took it for themselves and they’re going to sell it, why else did they keep the plants in the pots!
    Not only that, but they’re directly endangering the lives of the people who rely on it for it’s medical benefits.
    Karma is a huge bitch…and she’s coming to bite those bastards in the ass!

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