Everything You Need To Know TheCultureHigh Jazzfarm Summer Screening

The Dagga Couple is screening The Culture High Documentary this Saturday 13th December at 7:00pm at The Jazzfarm.

Latest updated on the Facebook event page:

Hello everyone. We’re quite gobsmacked as to the popularity of our upcoming movie night.
We are feverishly re-inventing the wheel at the Jazzfarm to accommodate you all.
Rain isn’t forecast but load shedding is a real possibility, so we’re bringing in some hardware to deal with the situation.

The doors open from 6pm, so come and relax in the garden, walk the labyrinth and check out the sunset.

Bring an appetite because BJ’S POTJIE PALACE will be doing the catering for us. Bring some cash for a home cooked meal of note. you wont regret it!
And of course, there will be a selection pancakes and other sweet stuff too.
We have soft drinks, some craft beers on tap, and coffees running all evening.

There will be a DC MERCHANDISE STAND with T-shirts, info-packs, sticker packs and flyers – another great reason to bring some cash. (we’ve got a great new run of embroidered DC red or black T-shirts – just sayin’)

A movie night wouldn’t be the same without a RAFFLE. A 20 buck ticket will put you in line for a Bongalong BONG, An original STRAINHUNTERS hoodie and a collectors STRAINHUNTERS T-SHIRT. – another excellent reason to bring some cash!


and just to let you know, we also need to start kicking you out by 11pm because some of the equipment we need to rent has to go elsewhere……..

We are looking forward to seeing you all at the Jazzfarm. Directions are on the front page of www.jazzfarm.co.za

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