420 Parachute Hotbox Dash

Back in 2007, a group of super bold (and super high) college students from Fort Lewis College in Durango, Colorado decided to push the limits and hot box a parachute… in the middle of campus… at 4:20. Now that’s legendary!

With a tour taking place just 100 yards away from the scene, campus PD could only wait until they were done with their epic cyphe, and that’s when the amazing happened.

All the students made the dash leaving a cloud of smoke and deflated parachute behind. The people recording the video (who were equally as baked) could only laugh their asses off as one of the most historic moments in 4:20 history happened right before their eyes.

It probably sucked most for the last dude who the police officer actually went after. Now that’s what you call sacrifice for the Buddha!

TBT: That Time Students Made An Awesome Escape From School Security After Hotboxing A Parachute (Video)

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