The DaggaGate Conspiracy

The Plandai Conspiracy to steal your Cannabis. In a DaggaGate Saga.

This conspiracy consists of Plandai (ref 1,2,3) The Dagga Couple (ref 5), the late Mario Ambrosiani, (ref 19, Source 1 & 2)  MP,  Advocate Robin Stransham Ford (ref10) founder of the Cancer Treatment Campaign or CTC (ref 20) and Tony Budden (ref 6)(ref11). They are all agents in a plot to steal from us, the people in this cannabis struggle!

In this piece I will expose the scheme to steal your right to cultivate and the creation of a MONOPOLY! The foundation of which is the single license stipulation in Robin and Mario’s; Medical Innovation Bill of 2013 (ref 13).

As a busy activist in the South African Cannabis legalization movement I have often had many upsetting stories pass my way. About two months ago I had information sent to me about a monopoly (ref 18) in the pipeline conspiring to fully control the emerging Cannabis market in South Africa.

Today I will speak clearly and expose a forthcoming disaster that besieges us all! I will stand up and speak from the conviction that forces these fingers to the keyboard! Ready yourself for the heartbreak!

Recently I started to see a pattern emerge with a common theme. This is a pattern of meetings, circumstances, recordings, social media chat conversations and press releases that pointed to the emergence of a corporate takeover of our Cannabis in SA. I was first made aware of this when I read about a company called Plandai!

Plandai is a pump and dump company (ref 4) who manipulate media to create spikes in their share prices. A ‘’dodgy’’ company conspiring to control the process of cannabinoid extraction in South Africa. Their cannabis subsidiary is Cannabis Science, inc. (ref 21) They have filed all necessary patents for cannabinoid control in Europe (ref 17). Luckily their proposal (ref 18, 19) here in South Africa has not been approved as yet.

The result of their successful proposal would make extraction by anyone other than them a crime. Indeed any part of the plant would be their sole concern and anyone who grows without their consent, would be outside of the law and liable for criminal and civil prosecution.

Their proposal will make Plandai the single license holder to grow and extract Cannabinoids (ref13, 19) for medical purposes in South Africa.

This will make them and their shareholders filthy rich as South Africa is set to be the Cannabis garden of the world. Not to mention we have more than twice the average amount of cannabis consumers according to the U.N.

Exciting for them! However not for you! Leaving you paying high prices; reliant on their monopoly. They presently have a loan from government (ref 2) to finish their ‘Senteeko’ tea farm and green tea extraction facility (the same machinery they plan to extract cannabinoids with )(ref 7) which resides on 8,500 acres of prime farmland in Mpumalanga. Due to open its doors in March of this year for green tea extract production.

The plan is to have; unlicensed growers growing on the land of Sovereign Bantu Kings (ref6), throughout South Africa. Which one can only assume will be sold to Plandai, who shall supply their Senteeko (single license holders) estate with flowering heads for extraction. Tony from The Hemporium will facilitate this, the sovereigns will make their cash from the raw fiber left behind.

This company has a CEO Roger Duffield a who resides on the senteeko farm with second in charge director Calum Duffield {son} and director Doran Duffield {wife}. With the shadowy figure of Jamen Shivelly (ex Microsoft Executive and Director in Plandai) (ref 8) wielding influence over them from the states. Hand in hand with Robin Stransham Ford linked to Plandai through The Cancer Treatment Campaign (ref 20), Tony Budden from Hemporium they plan to implement ‘Let our people grow’ this ploy vital to their plans is already in the pipeline (ref fogfa 42:08).

The Duffields are not activists they have not contributed an iota to this movement. Yet if this matter of an attempted monopoly is not addressed they will have full control of something we should all have free access to, our CANNABIS!

It’s interesting to note that the ‘Dagga Couple’ (ref 12) have on occasion visited Plandai’s Senteeko facility with a personal escort from Roger Duffield. Feel free to ask them! It’s also important to note that I have seen emails sent to Roger from Myrtle Stobbs (ref 16). Why would the Dagga Couple be in correspondence with Plandai? Why are they visiting the inner sanctum of a rogue company conspiring to curb the market? Well midnight contracts and financial incentives make sense!

Jules(ref 12) has no plans to grow after legalization he remarked “I will retire” I wonder how they are going to afford that; after all they run a non-profit organisation (ref fogfa2 08:24) and had all their assets seized when their oil operation was shut down, just how do they plan to do this?

It’s astonishing that a non profit organisation can book out uber expensive venues for their meetings, when they have only 40 members. One can only wonder the true cost of their loyalty to Plandai.

The DC’s business partner and bed fellow Robin Stransham Ford is another blatant Plandai agent. A racist (fogfa2 3:42) advocate who considers himself in-charge (fogfa 21:20) of the legalization movement and who according to his son (Robert Berkeley rec 16:10, 18:33 ) is in constant contact and deep discussions with Roger Duffield. Robin is involved in of ‘Fields of Green for All’, ‘Join the Queue’ ‘Stop the Cops’ and ‘let our people grow’ all apparent ventures associated with the non-profit organisation Fields of Green for All. He is a blatant agent profiteer; who hopes to leave a great financial legacy for his already affluent family.

Are they all shareholders in Plandai? Why do they align with this companies immoral cause? Why did Mario preach exclusivity in his and Robin’s ’Medical Innovation Bill’(ref14)? Well ask them! I think we all deserve an explanation for their greedy aspirations! However there can be little doubt when looking at the evidence that they are all involved in this conspiracy! We must stop them and this bill in its tracks!

And from now on; be aware of those hoping to profit from the suffering of others.

The conditions outlined above are contradictory to the public rhetoric regularly issued by the conglomoration. While all efforts to legalise Cannabis should be applauded, the activities thus far of Plandai would lead to the eventual hijacking of the numerous voluntary citizen efforts in the legalization campaign.

Comrades the Medical Innovation Bill is not the only option available and in other suggestions there is a place for all.

Written by: TheTrueWarrior




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5 thoughts on “The DaggaGate Conspiracy”

  1. Response to comment by Buzz on FOGFA Response. The bottom line is that Stransham-Ford and Ambrosini co-authored the Medical Innovations Act which has been gazetted and is now up for debate in Parliament. The word “Cannabinoids” is used in this bill and it refers to “medicinal and beneficial commercial and industrial use” and does not address the criminalisation of the plant or the people who have an inherent right to use that plant as sovereign individuals (which automatically implies responsibilty). The Advocate handling the Constituional Challenge is the co-author of the Act. Has he really convinced you that he is unaware of the implications of the above being written into the Law? I have no personal agenda here and nothing personal against any of those involved except that they are ROBBING THE PEOPLE OF THEIR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS with the Medical Innovations Act. Yes, that makes me angry, and so it should you too. I am lobbying for free and fair access to the responsible use of Cannabis for all. And that is ENTIRELY possible and will be the result of an involved, informed populace taking part in the process.

  2. Complete conjuncture all of this – nothing in the so called evidence backs up what you are saying. Until there is actual proof of this so called conspiracy (and Im not saying there is nothing to dig into) all of this is just hearsay for the moment. …

    You need to give us more if you are going to make these allegations stick. Ref 16 for example – you claim this is evidence of collusion between the Dagga Couple and those who wrote the MIB – how can you make that claim from that screen shot? Looks to me like they were commenting on the MIB – ie giving their input as was their and any other member of the publics prerogative to do so (hey I even added my thoughts and feedback) that email screen shot proves nothing apart form the fact there was contact between them – something neither Tony or the Dagga Couple have denied…

    Like I said serious allegations like this needs some strong evidence to back them up and I just have not seen any of this yet..

    1. This is the original #DaggaGate document by TheTrueWarrior. So the “you” are referring to is the author of the document. Don’t shoot the messenger.

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