#DaggaOps Environmental Impact Assessment

Finally after months our struggle for information has yielded success.

The South African Police Service forwarded a copy of the #DaggaOps Environmental Impact Assessment to the Dagga Magazine after a successful Promotion to Access to Information application.

We have only had time to skim through the 3 part report however the perspective dagga is viewed by the government is very grim.

View the #DaggaOps EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment) at your own peril as it will even bring down the highest and happiest of daggafarians.

More to follow soon.

Link to #DaggaOps Environmental Impact Assessment: http://dagga.za.net/u/?i=5

8 thoughts on “#DaggaOps Environmental Impact Assessment”

  1. Thanks, I will read it. It cannot be worse than tracking the Drugs and Drug Trafficking Act ( and related acts and amnedments) and the Medicines and Controlled Substances Act (and related acts and amendments) to find the word Cannabis – which actually does not appear in the second one at all, only in the Schedules (another mindfield – play on words intended). Eish.

  2. I would question whether this is an actual EIA. Is it not in fact, a “Perspective”? Have you compared with any other EIA’s to check if the format is correct? I smell a big rat!!

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