Basic Dagga Rights

Rhino horn in a minute, Dagga Rights maybe when you’re dead!

Could any one say why the  acknowledgment of basic dagga rights take so much longer to go through the processes of the justice system than some other topic like fracking the delicate Karoo?

Regulated overnight

Some changes to law & regulations are done without a moments thought and sometimes they are even settled overnight. While dagga legalisation in South Africa lingers near the brink of being stalled. Stalling the trial of the plant is only beneficial if it means they can have the gravy train running one more day.

“We should only be grateful for being heard” say those whom roles come to an end when the trial is finally over. For them there is only life while the charade continues.

Is it really ignorant thoughts by the few in power that keeps dagga illegal or is it businessmen who are looking out for their own investments.

Rhino horn was recently legally auctioned online in South Africa. It didn’t take them years to make that dumb decision. Yet making the right decision about dagga legalisation takes a very long time, because it will take them forever to find something on dagga.

Looks like they win anyway. If this is the pace of legalisation; You’ll probably be dead by the time recreational dagga is allowed in South Africa.

The medicinal side of the devil’s insanity (dagga).

They, the government, have yet to publicly recognise the advanced medical benefits of cannabis, that is why we are still waiting for #MedicalDagga. Although an medical innovation bill has already been passed years ago.

They just can’t see any way to make legal dagga a reality without stepping on the toes of their business interests, whether monetary or otherwise religious or cultural obligations.

The 5 Basic Dagga Rights

The following rights can be argued and built from the basic human rights set out in the Constitution of South Africa.

  1. The right to be educated about all aspects of the dagga plant.
  2. The right for children and adults to have access to medical dagga.
  3. The right for any adult to use recreational dagga responsibly.
  4. The right to participate in, and be associated with, the dagga culture.
  5. The right to protection of the dagga culture.
  6. The right to trade & do business in a legal dagga industry.
  7. The right to choose employment in a legal dagga industry.

Daggafarians also have rights.

We have dagga rights and our cultural rights must be acknowledged and protected now!

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