OLX now allow dagga related accessories, but they don’t

Since the legalisation of dagga OLX have decided to change their policy to allow all dagga related accessories to be bought and sold on the OLX platform.

When the state recently lost their appeal against the Constitutional ruling giving South African’s private dagga rights, the Dagga Shop opened up a store on the OLX platform. However after posting their ad for the Phantom Premium vaporizer to the platform  they soon learned it was rejected.

Dagga Magazine decided to investigate the matter and contacted OLX when it learned of the discrimination against the online advertisement of the daggafarian smart shop, this while tobacco and alcohol accessories are freely advertised on the platform.

Max, a service consultant at OLX responded to Dagga Magazine’s questions in an e-mail: “Since the legalisation of dagga, we have revised our moderation rules and have since decided to allow accessories of dagga only. OLX does not discriminate against any group and that includes daggafarians. All items that are an accessory to dagga are allowed on OLX, excluding dagga. OLX has no interest in the tobacco industry. Similar to dagga paraphernalia, we allow the accessories relating to tobacco but not the tobacco itself to be sold on our platforms. Our posting rules are only dictated by the South African laws. Should the South African laws change regarding dagga, we will review our moderation rules accordingly.”

The Dagga Shop have since updated their ad to read Phantom Premium Dagga Vaporizer, however the ad has since been rejected. Upon inquiring about the reason the ad was denied, OLX stated in an email that it was due to the website url that was included directing to Dagga Shop’s online store.

The daggafarian smart shop has since tried editing the add to omit the link. However the ad has been rejected, contradicting the statement OLX have made earlier.

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