Parliamentary spokesperson blocks #DaggaMedia after enquiry

It would seem that nobody knows or is brave enough to answer questions on where the Regulation of Cannabis Bill currently is. 

We have contacted three government spokespersons, Chrispin Phiri, Phumla Williams and Moloto Mothapo, respectively for the Department of Justice, the Cabinet and Parliament.

Mothapo was the only spokesperson to respond, but did not clarify the status of the Regulation of Cannabis Bill. 

We were instructed to visit the Parliament’s website for more information. This was by no stretch an adequate response to the serious questions raised.

  • Has the final draft of this bill been tabled?
  • Have any changes to the bill been recommended by parliament?
  • Could you confirm if this is the same bill we have on file?

With the emancipation of a culture who has been oppressed for more than a hundred years, we did not give up that easily.

We contact Mothapo once per day on WhatsApp to find out if he had a chance to look into the matter. On the third day when we asked for a link where we can view the status of the bill, we were blocked.

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