420 is not cancelled – it’s going online

There is no doubt that 4:20 on 4/20/2020 is the most numerical significant date for stoners across the world.

Due to the global #lockdown, many cultural gatherings that celebrate dagga have been cancelled.

In your face COVID-19!

Despite all the cancellations, many cannabis communities are taking 420 online. International Highlife is planning on hosting the World’s Biggest 4/20 Online Smoke Sesh.

Dagga Magazine will also be hosting 4/20 Online Smoke Sesh for #daggafarians to celebrate 420 at local South African time.

Submit your 420 celebration pictures or video on WhatsApp or Telegram 061 362 6234 or email submit@magazine.dagga.za.net. You can post it live to our page or the event page.

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