How COVID-19 is affecting South African stoners – Survey Results

Over 154 people participated in our cannabis and COVID-19 survey. Here are the results.

Participants were split into four groups. Those who use cannabis recreationally, medicinally, for both reasons or not at all.

While most participants 47.4% say they only use cannabis recreationally. Almost half of participants (46.8%) say they have been using dagga medicinally and recreationally. While 4.5% (7) of participants say they only use cannabis for medicinal purposes. Two of the participants or 1.5% say they have not used cannabis at all.

None of the participants have tested positive for COVID-19 at the time they took part in the survey.

We asked participants if they have experienced any of the common symptoms associated with COVID-19.

Not to our surprise more than half of participants (58.6%) say they experienced headaches. Followed by coughing (42.9%) and a sore throat (20%). The most common side effects of smoking strong or badly cured weed. Due to dryness and thirsties caused by good herb.

A small group of less than 13% experienced other symptoms related to COVID-19.

Most participants say they do not know of any cannabis user who tested positive for COVID-19.  However, 2.4% say yes, but they didn’t show any symptoms while 1.3% say the cannabis user(s) they know with COVID-19 did show symptoms.

Where are the participants from? 

147 South African 
2 Spain
1 United Kingdom
1 United States
1 France
1 Ireland
1 Solomon Islands

We asked participants if cannabis helped them during the lockdown. This is what they had to say:

  1. My mental health has remained intact. My thoughts could go places while my body was safe at home, sipping on some rooibos 
  2. Yes definitely 
  3. Yes
  4. Yes
  5. Very negatively but cannabis helped a lot.
  6. Yes
  7. Yes
  8. I enjoyed this lockdown so much peace and silence
  9. Yes certainly 
  10. Yes definitely 
  11. Yes keeps me from going mad and prevents domestic abuse (in other houses, not mine no abuse here)
  12. Yes it did 
  13. Well I came back from china then all of this happened just after and then just before lockdown I went to visit fam and since then I haven’t been able to get any ???
  14. Fully 
  15. Cannabis has been an enormous help. Don’t know how I would have coped without it. Alcohol was banned and I do enjoy a cold beer. 
  16. Yes. The outdoor season ended at the start of lockdown. The harvest helped me to stay productive, focused and positive. The product helps with recreational relaxation and the medical benefits assist in staying physical and mentally healthy and strong which is of great benefit during these difficult times. 
  17. Absolutely 
  18. Definitely helped me with all my medical issues in this time of chaos in South Africa. The ban on tobacco would have caused an even bigger issue, but luckily for our medication, we can still cope.
  19. Yes most certainly 
  20. Oh  yes as mentioned above I do it recreationally and medical 
  21. Yes. keeps me kalm
  22. Definitely helped 
  23. Yes, it did till I ran out of stock 🙁
  24. Yes, but I ran out and is now really suffering
  25. Yes
  26. Cannabis really was a good partner and friend
  27. Yes!!! 
  28. Access to some services and yes I smoke a joint every day just to stay sane and safe  
  29. Yes
  30. Definitely 
  31. yES
  32. Yes definitely cannabis has helped me cope throughout this outbreak 
  33. Yes, it helps me distress and to boost my immune system. 
  34. Cannabis is a great time saver and helps pass time during self-isolation 
  35. Yes it has a lot
  36. Harvesting and trimming entire lockdown. 
  37. I only use cannabis ointment that’s all I had to make my own mixture
  38. Cannabis training program stopped 
  39. Helps with depression 
  40. Yes, it has. Relaxing me and thinking rationally about things
  41. No travel and no tobacco for mix ??
  42. It made me and my husband more relaxed, and not stressing over being locked up.
  43. YES, IT HELPED A LOT???????even people are starting to come out oh must they use ganja and I gave advice where I could…especially clinics and older people. .
  44. yes
  45. yes yes
  46. Definitely yes!
  47. Yes, it kept me relaxed.
  48. indeed it did help…a lot!!!
  49. yes it helped 
  50. Yes cause one gets so high you forget you in lockdown
  51. Yes it has, I acquired a few skills and tricks?
  52. Yes it helped me smile
  53. Financially and mentally, and yes cannabis has saved my life.
  54. Largely unaffected. 
  55. Yes it definitely has helped
  56. big time, cannabis has helped me pass time by literally forgetting the daily time, date etc it has also helped with an additional income from sales of my homegrown
  57. Cannabis helped keep me sane
  58. Yes big Yes…..Cannabis = Calm mind and a Calm mind = positive vibes
  59. Yes
  60. Loss of income. Stuck in another province. Cannabis definitely helped me cope. I wouldn’t have been okay otherwise ?
  61. Yes. Helped me relieve so stress and worry less 
  62. Yes
  63. Yes its helps a lot
  64. Definitely I needed it 
  65. Yes
  66. Yes
  67. Yes
  68. Definitely 
  69. Heavens Yes Cannabis is a gift from God it helps people.
  70. Most definitely 
  71. Yes
  72. Yes, it has. Tremendously.
  73. I am a small scale farmer and its a tough time for one as the is no business by this time but with my wisdom weed, I manage to cope.
  74. Most definitely
  75. Definitely 
  76. By supplying me with medical weed and rizla.
  77. YES! 
  78. I haven’t had access to any cannabis during lockdown.
  79. Yes
  80. My cannabis supply could not be restocked during the lockdown. So I don’t know if it helped
  81. I’m very isolated, and I do think that cannabis helped me keep my mental health from deteriorating. 
  82. most definitely. recreationally
  83. I don’t have weed I need
  84. Yes, it definitely made rough edges smooth. Keeps your mind off of the lockdown. Time passes faster 
  85. Yes, it did with recreational use it helped a lot with anxiety in this time
  86. Not being able to see my girlfriend. Weed helps me sleep.
  87. It definitely helped, I was without a steady job and had a pay cut, a cannabis shop employed me and got me back on my feet.
  88. Cannabis really helped me cope
  89. Yes, cannabis helped me cope in various ways. A few examples of how cannabis has helped: It has helped me deal with anxiety and fear during Co-vid Lockdown. It has also helped me with physical ailments/ pain. Cannabis has helped me cope with feelings of depression and negative feelings. Cannabis has helped improve my mood, outlook on life and helped me to maintain a positive attitude. 
  90. Yes, cannabis helped in many ways. Eg. Coping with depression and anxiety; Helped me to maintain a positive attitude; Helped me with physical ailments and pain. 
  91. Oh yes tremendously, it helps me calmly assess any situation at hand.
  92. Yes
  93. Yes
  94. Yes it definitely helps
  95. Yeah, I grew my own bush before lockdown and it just happened to save me during this time 🙂
  96. In terms of helping anxiety and instilling a general level of acceptance for the things that have been happening
  97. Helped me a lot and made everything better 
  98. Yes absolutely!  saves me from going crazy when I can do nothing.
  99. Yes
  100. It helps me all the time especially during this time 
  101. Yess
  102. Cannabis kept me sane 
  103. Yes but lockdown did put a strain on the supply 
  104. Helps me cope with the stress my g
  105. By use of tinctures and infused oils that I take orally, I no longer use paracetamol and other pain meds for my backache and it helps keep. Migraines away 
  106. Have been forced to stay home and not earn a living….cannabis makes this idiocy more bearable
  107. Definitely 
  108. Yes it did, makes staying home fun
  109. Yes a lot
  110. If I never had cannabis I would have totally gone mad. I grow my own crop so that kept me busy because it fell in my harvest period. 
  111. Lower-income. Yes it helped with all the stress and anxiety of the pandemic
  113. Yes it helped
  114. Cannabis helped calm my stress about the COVID 19 situation.
  115. Yes very much so
  116. Definitely.  Time to contemplate many things, sure
  117. Yes, canna yes cannabis help me during this lockdown I have my own personal trees monstrous monster big trees that that was ready to be harvested during this whole lot done. From day one to right now I am still busy with my weed locked up in my room trimming my buds just trimming trimming trimming
  118. yes
  119. It most definitely helped!
  120. For sure
  121. For sure. I make my own tincture and vaping oil.
  122. Cannabis is part of my lifestyle and has definitely helped my fiance and I deal with lockdown. 
  123. Not a user
  124. NO, I DIDN’T USE IT.
  125. Staying relaxed
  126. Helped me to not look at the world so negatively which is hard during this time but it definitely gave me a more positive perspective 
  127. I don’t use cannabis but going to start growing soon as a project
  128. Yes without it, I would have not coped.
  129. If I didn’t have my own homegrown I may have killed someone as it has replaced my tobacco with the restrictions.
  130. Yes, a lot. Great anti-depressant
  131. Definitely 
  132. Absolutely
  133. never felt better, perfect way to stop feeling tried like cigarettes do. 
  134. I would be going insane without cannabis during this time, it should be legal along with mushrooms to allow further research  and the breakdown of incorrect beliefs and stereotypes 
  135. Yes, it helped me stay calm. 
  136. Yes, cannabis definitely helped me during this lockdown.

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