Ganjarden of the Week: Show us your magical grow

Calling all daggafarians! We are excited to show off your magical grow. Submit your ganjarden to be featured in our Ganjarden of the Week article and you could be randomly selected to be featured on our Dagga Magazine and Ganjarden Facebook page.

We know that the cannabis culture is one that values privacy and discretion, so we want to make sure that you feel comfortable while participating. You don’t have to reveal your exact location and real name if you don’t want to, but we do encourage you to open up and get to know each other on a higher level now that we are no longer criminals.

We have launched this new initiative on 420 to celebrate the dagga culture of South Africa and to give back to the community. Dagga Magazine has always been about you, and we are committed to finding new ways to empower daggafarians. If you have any ideas in which Dagga Magazine can give back to the community, please drop a comment in the comments section below.

So, what are you waiting for? Submit your ganjarden now using the link provided and you could be randomly chosen to be featured in our Ganjarden of the Week article!

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