Exploring the Abundance of Cannabis Seed Breeders

The cannabis industry is growing rapidly, with more and more countries legalizing the use of cannabis. As a result, the competition amongst seed breeders is becoming increasingly fierce, with many excellent choices available.

Thankfully, Dagga Magazine has assembled a list of the top 151 seed breeders to help you find the perfect strain for your needs.

For those looking for something special, Dagga Magazine highly recommends Dinafem’s Critical+, which has an incredibly short auto-flowering time. Other top picks include Greenhouse by the Strain Hunters and Seedsman, both of which offer a wide range of strains.

To make things even easier, Dagga Shop has created a Random Seed Breeder URL which can be used to discover new breeders. With this tool, you can easily explore the world of seed breeders and find one that suits your needs.

So why wait? Start exploring the abundance of cannabis seed breeders today and discover something new.

The list of 151 seed breeders are Seedsman, 00 Seeds, 710 Genetics, Accelerator Seeds, Ace Seeds, Advanced Seeds, Alphakronik Genes, Alpine Seeds, Amsterdam Genetics, Archive, Atlas Seed, Auto Seeds, Barney’s Farm, BC Bud Depot, Big Buddha Seeds, BlimBurn Seeds, Bodhi Seeds, Bomb Seeds, Brothers Grimm Seeds, Buddha Seeds, Burning Bush Nurseries, Cali Connection, Cali Kush Farms, Cannabiogen, Cannaventure Seeds, CBD Botanic, CBD Crew, CBD Seeds, Ceres Seeds, Compound Genetics, Connoisseur Genetics, Dank Genetics, Dankonomics Genetics, Dark Horse Genetics, Delta 9 Labs, Devils Harvest Seeds, Digital Genetics, Dinafem, Divine Genetics, DJ Short, DNA Genetics, Doctor’s Choice, Dr Krippling, Dr Underground, Dready Seeds, Dungeons Vault Genetics, Dutch Passion, Dynasty Genetics, Elev8 Seeds, Elite Seeds, Emerald Triangle Seeds, Ethos Genetics, Eva Seeds, Exotic Seed, Expert Seedbank, FastBuds, Female Seeds, FENOCAN, Flash Seeds, Flying Dutchmen, French Touch Seeds, G13 Labs, Gage Green Seeds, Garden Of Green, Genehtik, GG Strains, Grand Daddy Genetics, Grass-O-Matic, Green Bodhi, Greenhouse – Strain Hunters, Greenhouse Seed Co., HazeMan Seeds, Heavyweight Seeds, Hero Seeds, High Speed Buds, Holy Smoke Seeds, Homegrown Natural Wonders, House of the Great Gardener, Humboldt Seed Co., Humboldt Seed Organization, Jinxproof Genetics, Kalashnikov Seeds, Kaliman Seeds, Kannabia, Karma Genetics, KC Brains, Khalifa Genetics, La Plata Labs, Landrace Warden, Lineage Genetics, Little Chief Collabs, Loud Seeds, Mamiko Seeds, Mandala Seeds, Medical Marijuana Genetics, Medical Seeds, Mega Buds, Mephisto Genetics, Ministry of Cannabis, Monster Genetics, Mosca Seeds, Moxie Seeds, Mr Nice Seedbank, Nirvana Seeds, Norstar Genetics, ONE Premium CBD Seeds, Original Delicatessen Seeds, Paradise Seeds, Perfect Tree Seeds, Pheno Finder Seeds, Philosopher Seeds, Phoenix Seeds, Positronics, Purple City Genetics, Pyramid Seeds, R-KIEM Seeds, Rare Dankness, Reeferman Seeds, Reggae Seeds, Resin Seeds, Ripper Seeds, Royal Queen Seeds, Sagarmatha Seeds, Seedism Seedbank, Sensi Seeds, Sensi Seeds Research, Serious Seeds, SickMeds Seeds, Silent Seeds, SinCity Seeds, Soma Seeds, SubCool The Dank, Sumo Seeds, Super CBDx, Super Sativa Seed Club, Super Strains, Sweet Seeds, T.H. Seeds, The 7 Dwarfs Seedbank, The Bulldog Seedbank, The Plant Organic, The Plug Seedbank, The Real Seed Company, Top Tao Seeds, Trilogene Seeds, Tropical Seeds, V Elementum Seeds, Victory Seeds, Vision Seeds, White Label Seed Company, World of Seeds.

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