Police Intercept Dagga on Bus in Kuruman, Despite Cannabis Culture’s Push for Legalization

On 22 April 2023, members of the John Taolo Gaetsewe Highway Patrol intercepted a bus in Kuruman, South Africa, and found 5 bags of dagga worth approximately R12 000. The police charged a 34-year-old foreign male national with dealing in dagga and placed him in police custody, where he will remain until his court appearance.

The news of the police intercepting dagga on a bus has created a stir among members of the cannabis culture in South Africa, many of whom continue to push for the legalization of dagga. Despite their efforts, the police have vowed to “squeeze the space for drug peddlers to operate in the province.”

The issue of dagga legalization has been a contentious one in South Africa, with both sides of the debate having strong opinions. Proponents of legalization argue that criminalizing dagga has been ineffective and that the money spent on enforcing the laws could be better used elsewhere. Opponents of legalization, however, have argued that legalizing dagga would lead to an increase in drug use and create a culture of drug acceptance.

Despite the debate, the police have continued to take action against those who are found in possession of dagga and have vowed to keep doing so. It remains to be seen whether or not the cannabis culture will be successful in their push for legalization.

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